Amsterdam Dance Event

19/20/21/22/23 Oct 2016

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Keynote: Respect the Architects - The Caribbean Roots of Modern Day Pop Music

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14:00 - 14:45
Melkweg (M6 Panel Room) | Llijnbaansgracht 234A, Amsterdam

Over the last decade, but especially in recent years, the dance rhythms of the Caribbean have become prominent--indeed, even foundational--features of pop, hip-hop, and EDM. Wayne Marshall, who teaches music history at Berklee College of Music and Harvard University, will place this phenomenon in historical context by showing how Afrodiasporic rhythms have long provided the pulse in global popular music, connecting the dots from ragtime to reggaeton, Bo Diddley to trap, and dancehall to "tropical house."

Wayne Marshall (Berklee/Harvard, US)
Wayne Marshall (@wayneandwax) is an assistant professor of music history at Berklee College of Music and also teaches regularly at Harvard University.

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