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17:00 - 17:45
Tolhuistuin (T4 Panel Room / HDE University) | IJpromenade 2, Amsterdam

From the long and steady tradition of hardstyle events in Canada to the rapidly expanding hardcore and hardstyle industry in Germany; our scene is everywhere. Meet the innovator behind the first hardstyle themed vacation festival in Croatia, the people that provided the first steady base of our industry in North America and the highly motivated crew behind Germany’s premier hardstyle brand. What is the drive behind their ventures and what opportunities to they see in the foreseeable future?

English spoken.

Mario Benic (Go N Party / Hard Island, HR)
Team leader

Benjamin Reichert (Musical Madness, DU)
Founder of Musical Madness

Benjamin Shir (Solid Events, CA)
Manager of Solid Events

Erix Santman (Hard Dance Event, NL)