Amsterdam Dance Event

19/20/21/22/23 Oct 2016

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Denim City

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10:00 - 19:00 | Free entrance
Denim City | Hannie Dankbaarpassage 22, Amsterdam


This special-edition garment was designed and produced by Amsterdam's finest denim craftsmen at Denim City, in celebration of the 2016 edition of ADE.
The unique black & gold selvedge premium fabric was woven especially for this collab project by Candiani, one of the denim world's undisputed leaders. Candiani - a fourth generation family owned & operated company from Robechietto near Milano - is one of Denim City's co-founders. Its current director - a former DJ - is an avid lover of dance music and has been visiting ADE for over a decade.  Candiani's superior quality is symbolised by the unique 'Rivetto d'Oro' - always ask for the golden rivet. Supported by MIC Spa for all yarns, Apxress for trims and Copen for the pocketing. 
Denim City is a platform for craftsmanship and innovation. Our mission is to connect and inspire denim lovers and professionals 'towards a brighter blue' - to make our industry cleaner, dryer and smarter.
Denim City Workshop is based at Denim City in Amsterdam's The Hallen complex, also home to the world's first and only JEAN SCHOOL and laundry innovation center Blue Lab.

ADE Card Advantage

10% discount on the 'Denim City loves ADE'-jeans for ADE Card holders.

ADE Card 2016

ADE Card 2016

Too many benefits for just €10,-

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