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17:00 - 18:00
De Brakke Grond (G2 Panel Room) | Nes 45, Amsterdam

Since DJ’s are a role model to so many, we want to highlight the importance of what they are doing in the realm of social change, innovation and sustainability. Why is it important for a DJ to use his or her position for positive impact? Who do they aim to inspire? And how do you choose a project a partner or organisation, and why? And why should they sometimes say no to a project? What kind of commitment and support does it need? And what can the public do to support them? The panel will start with a talk by Shailendra Singh, who co-founded the World’s Biggest (charity) Guest list, to help educate impoverished kids in India.

Shailendra Singh (Founder Sunburn Festival & World’s Biggest Guest list, IN)

Dave Clarke (DJ and producer, GB)
Known as 'The Baron of Techno'