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Creative Keynotes by Disruptive Minds - Renato Ratier, Founder of D-Edge on Global Creative Collaboration and More

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14:30 - 15:00
Felix Meritis (F10 Panel Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

D-Edge founder Renato Ratier will be outlining his plans for a series of global creative collaborations based around D-Edge Records and new label Olga Records, as well as the labels’ new studio in Sao Paolo. He will also be talking about the strategic importance of design at D-Edge, as well as the complimentary roles of philanthropy, fashion and gastronomy in a modern entertainment operation.

Renato Ratier (D-Edge, BR)
Renato Ratier, D-Edge's DJ and mastermind, has behind him more than 17 years devoted to music with the kind of research of those who don't shackle themselves within genres.