Amsterdam Dance Event

19/20/21/22/23 Oct 2016

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Cenobite & Mokum present: Flashback

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23:00 - 05:00 | € 15 + service fee
Winston Kingdom | Warmoesstraat 131, Amsterdam

Cenobite & Mokum recordings presents: Flashback

MOKUM RECORDS - The in Amsterdam based Mokum Records started out in 1992 the first release in the beginning of 1993, when hardcore was just about to take off big time in the Netherlands. In a few years time both Mokum Records and the hardcore scene in Holland exploded to gigantic proportions - raves of 20.000 gabbers were no exception and the whole movement became a specific cutural phenomenon with their own fashion and music. Mokum Records released lots of 12"s, compilations and artist albums and built up a steady and credible catalogue with various international artist like : DJ Chosen Few, Technohead, DJ Dano ,Tellurian,Flamman & Abraxas,The Speedfreak,The Prophet,Buzz Fuzz , Scott Brown , Liza N Eliaz, the Outside Agency ,Lenny Dee and many more.. In just 6 years time Mokum released close to 100 12"s, including all-time classics 'Name of the DJ' ( re-released with 2005 remixes) and 'I Wanna Be a Hippy' ( world wide #1 chart buster ). Correct us if we are wrong But with 1.3 million CD single sales Techno Head "i Wanna Be A Hippy" Is the Best selling Hardcore Record / CD till Date , All licenses worldwide for hundreds of compilation cd's like Thunderdome not included Summer 2004 saw the return of one of the most legendary hardcore labels ever, Mokum is back on track. After re-organising the troops we are back with quality trashed-out hardcore tracks that will blow your brains as well as your speakers apart. Going back to the roots Mokum will release real hardcore - innovative, underground and with no compromises. Both new artists and original Mokum producers will be released and new as well as remixed classics will fill the schedule. The new catalogue starts off with MOK 100 counting upwards.

Cenobite Records (Est. 1996) - Amsterdam Based Hardcore label Cenobite is an open platform for Experimental Dance Music and has international followers. Some call it Acidcore , Trancecore or Cenobite style they like to call it Psycore ( Psychadelic Hardcore) As one of the Harder Styles it's dis-scribed as A Mix of Dark Hardcore Break-beat Tekno Acid PsyTrance But in the end they are Influenced by all kinds of music & sounds The Cenobite Collective still rocking the crowds globally on festivals & events Cenobite Artists Performed on : Thunderdome , Mysteryland festival , Ground Zero Festival , MultiGroove , Defqon 1 Festival , Q-Base Festival, The Maze ( A'dam Toren ) Hellbound, Hellraiser ,Pandemonium , Hardshock Festival, Last World Festival , Dubai , Ghosttown , Dance Valley Festival , And Many more International events. With the DJ's / Producer's of the Cenobite Collective , you can count on some pounding hardcore classics !!!

The Line-Up


Not only has Dano been chosen four times in a row as best hardcore DJ (which to this date no other hardcore DJ has been able to accomplish), but is also renowned for his productions. Creating tracks for labels such as Mokum, ID&T and Dreamteam Productions and IST, just to name a few.. This man has also made quality remixes, such as ‘T-1000’, taken from the heavy metal band Fear Factory. One of the most impressive projects in his career has been his hardcore remix for “A Wanna be a hippy” what only sold in Germany 250.000 copies and resulted in a golden record. The legend is still one of the world’s best hardcore DJs, even for the second generation, maybe even the third…


Amsterdam born and raised DJ Predator, a.k.a. Stephan Scheltema, had to deal with creative mind all his life. Lost in graffiti art during his childhood, he became intrigued by early Rap music, Breakbeats, Reggae and Electro. The purchase of a Commodore Amiga in 1991, provided him with the means to experiment with beats and breaks himself. Influenced by his love for music and driven by the the rage of a young boy, he established his first release on vinyl in 1992. Over a period of six years, he managed to release more than sixty tracks, most of them on labels such as Mokum, Ruffneck, Ruff EX, Cenobite and H2Oh. With the growth of the dance scene in general, Predators star was rising, providing him with more equipment and possibilities. Living his dream of expressing his musical thoughts on recordings and spending all his time and money and on his studio. Hit releases like Jiehaaaa, Pump Up The Vibe and Mind Of A Lunatic brought him recognition from around the globe, resulting in live performances and DJ bookings in worldwide, from Canada to Australia, from Russia to the United States, Germany, Holland, Swiss, the UK and more. While developing new Hardcore and Drum n Bass tracks, Predator has his sights set on the future, so be on the look out as he is determined to come correct across the board.


Chosen Few was a key member of the legendary Mokum Records Crew and produced massive tracks like “The Break”, “Chosen Paradise”, “Kold Days” and one of the biggest Hardcore tracks of all time “Name Of The Dj” which to this day is still a big hit in both its original form and as a remix by artists like Neophyte, Tha Playah, Buzz Fuzz and Dano. The style of Chosen Few is a unique mix of early Hardcore, Gabber Techno, Up-Tempo Hardcore & a strong twist of Drum & Bass.


Started as a DJ in 1994 At the Rude violence Parties Produced music for Thunderdome / BZRK / Cenobite Check out his Video clip of his dance floor hit broadcasted on TMF 1997 The music video-clip is a very nice 3d production! Especially when you imagine it is made in 1997.


Born and raised in Amsterdam Michel Klaassen started producing in 1985 in a hip-hop crew called D-P "Digital-Power". Through hip-house and acid house Michel became obsessed with what later became hardcore played at illegal parties in warehouses. He released his first record in 1992 in the formation "the TOF band". 1993 Vinyl releases under the name "Tellurian" for the Amsterdam hardcore label "Mokum Records" and gained international recognition as a music producer. 1995 did several project's for ID&T label's Thunderdome ,"Bad Vibes Records" Brainiac 1996 started a independent label: Cenobite Records Psycore / Trancecore / Acidcore 2002 Became officially member of " United Multi Media Artist " With a huge taste for Music and a record collection going back to the sixties he can serve the audience with almost any style with his personal rare grooves favorites

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