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Ten reasons to visit ADE Dance & Brands


ADE '17
  • Ten reasons to visit ADE Dance & Brands

The highly focused one-day event at DeLaMar on ADE's Friday is the place where the realities of a fruitful relationship between music acts and consumer brands takes centre stage.

After recents announcements on Martin Garrix who will move his STMPD studio to DeLaMar Theater and ADE Sound Lab's evening program, it is time for news about ADE Dance & Brands.

Dance & Brands, the result of a collaboration between ADE and First Day of Spring, exists because brands spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year  sponsoring music acts, music events and music-based content for websites and streaming services. This highly focused one-day event is the place where the realities of a fruitful relationship between music acts and consumer brands takes centre stage. So if you want to increase your chances of establishing and maintaining a healthy, longterm relationship with a brand, here are 10 reasons why you should attend the fourth edition of Dance & Brands:

  • Major brands will be revealing their strategy and music’s place in it. Sina Neubrandt  of Absolut will be talking about the brand's longterm commitment to diversity and tolerance, how that sits with brand identity and how it translates into ROI. 
  • LiveStyle's Chris Monaco and guests will be looking at what the live music industry can learn from other live eventing industries such as sports and gaming in order to be more fan and brand friendly.
  • Ola Sars, founder of Soundtrack your Brand, will be diving deep into what exactly it is about music that touches our emotions and breeds loyalty to brands, revealing along the way how you can leverage your creativity to attract brand interest.
  • Stage designer extraordinaire Heather Shaw will be sharing the secrets of how she gets brands to listen to her ideas, and will also be revealing a glimpse of the future with a revolutionary new entertainment vertical that she helped to develop.
  • Multi-award winning creative Emmanuel Flores of J/Walter Thompson will be looking at the future of AI-generated music and examining how far it can go in creating songs that are indistinguishable from those written by human composers. 
  • Want to know what it’s really like to produce music for an advert on-the-fly? A Debriief session following a week-long writing camp organised by Sizzer will be demonstrating exactly that. 
  • The Stone Twins will be revealing how music became a means by which to sell space in a city centre property through a highly playful and engaging style of creativity. The unmissable A’DAM Toren has since become one of the city’s most important creative and social hubs.
  • Want to know how to leverage your platform or tech know-how? Richardson Zain (Marriott International, US) and Mixcloud's Ben Lawrence will be discussing how the company teamed up with the W Hotels chain to launch Future Rising, a brand new platform that engages and champions the creative leaders of tomorrow across music, art, fashion and design. 
  • First Day of Spring will show how the world of advertising is shifting. The future of advertising is entertainment. (Dance) music and entertainment provide the best chance to build strong emotional connections with a brands target audience. 
  • What every young artist wants to know is what brands want from them, and our panel of marketing experts will be revealing what brands and agencies really need when they engage with up and coming acts in What Do Brands and Agencies Really Want from New Artist Partnerships?
Tickets & more info
ADE Dance & Brands will take place on October 20th in the DeLaMar Theater. Tickets for ADE Dance & Brands (95,-) are available here. The event is also accessible for ADE Pass & ADE Conference Pass holders. Attend here to stay up to date, more program info can be found here.

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