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Make deals, get connected and get on: ten reasons to visit ADE Beats 2017


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  • Make deals, get connected and get on: ten reasons to visit ADE Beats 2017

International hip-hop, bass and beats community meets during Amsterdam Dance Event.

1. Get connected: join exclusive networking sessions with key professionals
ADE Beats is the annual platform at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) to network and connect with the international hip-hop, bass and bass community. Our conference program in Melkweg, Amsterdam on Friday October 20th is the central meeting point for all ADE delegates who work in this field. Come to our business and networking lounge, check out our presentations, connect and get inspired.

2. Get key information: follow and discuss the latest business trends with other insiders
We talk business at ADE Beats! In several Q&A’s inspiring speakers like Romain Bilharz, CEO Island Africa, Island France and Motown France; Kees de Koning, owner of Top Notch, the company that spearheads the record-breaking success of Dutch national hip-hop; Adel Kaddar, manager of French Afro-Trap sensation MHD; Sarah Maria Elvira who is responsible for EMPIRE Distribution’s European division; Live Nation’s Maarten van Vugt and leading German hip-hop platform Juice’s Jakob Paur discuss new music industry realities and opportunities in a world that is rapidly getting smaller.

3. Get on: pitch your music, your projects, and give your career a strong boost
In our legendary Meet the Pro-sessions, our delegates get the chance to discuss their music, projects and other industry related questions to key professionals. It is in these sessions that talent got their break during previous editions, getting in touch with the people that can help them move their career forward, and where industry professionals boost their network. Plan forward, come early, and let’s build!

4. Get knowledge: learn from the biggest producers around!
Prominent music professionals talk about making beats, making deals and more at ADE Beats. JAE5 is the go-to producer for successful U.K. rapper J-Hus and has cooked up the sound of a new generation, a wildly popular mix of afrobeats, grime, dubstep, hip-hop, dancehall and house music. Amp Fiddler from Detroit introduced the AKAI MPC-sampler to hip-hop legends Q-Tip and late great J Dilla and will discuss production techniques during his master class. Trinidad’s Jillionaire is band member of global juggernaut Major Lazer, and discusses at ADE Beats how he and his network of close collaborators change the sound of millennial pop music with their global approach and roots in Caribbean sound system culture.

5. Get with the program: discover new acts and trends
Together with media partner Noisey, ADE Beats hosts a thrilling line-up at a unique location. On Wednesday October 18th, we host our showcases @ Vice HQ in Amsterdam! We present exciting performances by Sammy Sedano, K1D, Jacin Trill, De Cultuur, FNMLS, Pietju Bell, Latifah, Leafs and Cartiez. Entrance is free but do send us an e-mail to get on the list:

6. Get the latest industry insights from forward thinking companies and speakers
ADE Beats 2017 hosts exclusive international music industry cases, such as the full inside-story of Wu-Tang Clan’s million-dollar album project Once Upon A Time in Shaolin with author and special advisor to the project Cyrus Bozorgmehr and the album’s producer and initiator Cilvaringz, who will contribute to the talk by Skype-connection from his home in Morocco. CEO Stephen White from Dubset will interact with ADE Beats delegates on how his company sets out to make the remix part of the official music industry infrastructure by creating the possibility to monetize unofficial remixes, and what that could mean for the future of the music industry. Outgoing head of culture and entertainment at Diageo Leila Fataar introduces her new Platform13 and her strategy on how brands that aim to be part of a culture, need to positively contribute to it.

7. Get your party on: we are celebrating music!
Of course! Next to our annual showcases, we are hosting, presenting and recommending a ton of content during Amsterdam Dance Event. We are your hip-hop, bass and beats guide at ADE! Check out our program at exposition Framed Beats hosted with Amsterdam Street Art, our networking drinks and the many nights and parties we endorse, from LAPA to KLEAR, from Soulection to It’s A London Thing and Encore to Top Billin’. Check out all the good stuff at Let’s go!

8. Get prizes: win amazing prizes, join our demo and talent competitions
ADE Beats has an amazing program for talent as well. Not only the chance to connect with established artists and influential industry figures, but also the opportunity to enter our demo competition Demolition – bring your own CD or USB – to win amazing prizes, including an AKAI MPC Live and the official Urbanears Amsterdam Dance Event headphones. AKAI presents: The Ten-Minute Beat Challenge is our on-the-spot beat challenge: each participant gets ten minutes to make a beat from scratch on the latest AKAI MPCX with samples pre-loaded. At the end of the day our jury will pick a winner who will receive the newest AKAI MPCX.

9. Get ready for the future: celebrate hip-hop’s global moment at ADE Beats
Hip-hop, bass and beats are increasingly universal industries with influences, trends and artists from all corners of the world becoming more and more omnipresent. At ADE Beats we discuss the sounds you hear blasting from cars, internet radio stations and mobile phones in the big cities worldwide, from afrobeats to UK grime to reggaeton. Sony Music hosts a panel on the influence of reggaeton and urban latin music on pop culture worldwide and their strategies to further grow this market. Joey Le Soldat from Burkina Faso discusses the sound system culture and hip-hop scene in capital Ouagadougou and developing a mash-up sound with famed Stones Throw engineer Dave Cooley.

10. Get down and represent these genres at Amsterdam Dance Event!
With ADE Beats, the hip-hop, bass and beats community has a strong, entirely dedicated position within the Amsterdam Dance Event-program, in the week the entire international music industry meets! Let us continue to build this platform together and give our scene the boost it deserves. At ADE Beats we hire the stage and book the speakers, but essentially you are the program.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam!

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