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Conference highlights for Wednesday


ADE '17
  • Conference highlights for Wednesday

Wednesday marks the first day of our conference, with the events getting started with both Pro and ADE Green at our new location DeLaMar. We are also kicking off ADE Soundlab at De Brakke Grond.

After recent news on the 2017 ADE app and the ADE China Conference, it is time to hightlight conference topics on ADE's Wednesday.

Here are 5 topics you really should not miss on ADE Wednesday.

If there's anyone on this programme that doesn't need an introduction it's the mighty Underworld. But we should remind you that as well as being a huge dance heritage act, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith remain a vital creative force, whether it's writing film music, projects like Hyde's recent theatrical collaboration with Matthew Herbert, or simply writing new Underworld material. This unique conversation will take place against a visual backdrop of unseen material from Underworld's archives, selected and mixed by their close colleague Simon Taylor of Tomato Studios.

When is a DJ not a DJ?
ADE Soundlab starts its programme with a question that is being asked more often these days than ever before. Technology has in many ways altered DJing beyond recognition – but of course a place in the club ecosystem is also still there for even the most purist two-turntables-and-a-mixer spinners. So where does the line lie between DJing and live electronic performance, if indeed there is a line any more? Here some of the most important figures in the scene – Richie Hawtin, Francesca Lombardo, KiNK, Marco Faraone and Mate Galic – discuss this and more in what promises to be an intensely stimulating discussion.

Protecting our minds and bodies
The ADE Pro Health Block is an increasingly important part of our programming, as dance culture continues to mature and we understand the demands it puts on its participants. This year we'll be discussing self-help for professionals [All in the Mind], instigating a conversation between musicians and healthcare experts [Protecting Mental & Physical Health for Fans & Professionals], and asking the absolutely vital – and all too often ignored – question of “Who is Responsible for the Mental Health of an Artist?

Art for Social Change: How to Start a Revolution
These are vivid, strange and sometimes terrifying times, when nothing in the old order can be taken for granted. Change is everywhere: but while it's easy to think that this is always for the worst, it's important to remember that we can drive change ourselves, and that our music and culture can lead it. Nobody knows that better than Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, who risked life and liberty to stand up against authoritarianism in Russia and further abroad. As part of our ADE Green programme, Nadya will be in conversation with Vice International's Wiegertje Postma about the place music and art have in taking on governments, corporations and other vested interests. Can the people power we see on the dance floor bring real change? There will also be a screening of a Pussy Riot documentary.

In addition to the talks and programmes, don't forget that you can learn as much about the industry – and make vital connections to boot – in the Networking and Business Lounges of DeLaMar and the Stadsschouwburg. We're sure you'll be booking up meetings already with contacts from across the world – but don't forget that those chance meetings and random conversations can be absolutely vital too. Every year we hear tales of projects and friendships that have been launched off the back of random meetings, and we hope we've created an atmosphere in the Network and Business Lounges that's conducive to more than ever of these!

Tickets & more info

The event is accessible for ADE Pass and ADE Conference Pass holders
, available here. More program info can be found here.

ADE Green
ADE Green will take place on October 18th in the DeLaMar Theater. Tickets for ADE Green (35,-) are available here. The event is also accessible for ADE Pass & ADE Conference Pass holders. Attend here to stay up to date, more program info can be found here.

ADE Sound Lab
ADE Sound Lab will run from October 19th- October 21st, program starts at noon. Access only for ADE Card and ADE Pass / ADE Conference Pass holders. Purchase your ADE Card (€10,-) here
Attend here to stay up to date, more program info can be found here.

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