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Conference highlights for Thursday


ADE '17
  • Conference highlights for Thursday

The second day of ADE Conference will see the inaugural ADE Tech next to our regular programme at DeLaMar, featuring the most important emerging technologies. Tolhuistuin will once again be the home for the Hard Dance Event, our annual one-day event for the harder styles of electronic music.

After recent announcements about Chuck Roberts to kick off ADE 2017 and Nachtlab Agency’s Sylvester Lindemulder's three picks for ADE Green, it is it is time to hightlight conference topics on ADE's Thursday. Here are 5 topics you really should not miss:

Virtual & Augmented Reality
ADE Tech, where music and musicians get to see the what the future is made of in a series of sizzling, hot-button presentations and panel discussions, is organised in partnership with Paylogic and supported by Paradiso Labs. One of the many highlights is a keynote by Gopi Sangha, Director of Digital at Goldenvoice, producers of Coachella, Desert Trip and Stagecoach, amongst other North American music festivals. He will be giving his in-depth and highly personal view of what VR and AR experiences can do for festivals such as Coachella, as well as offering a unique glimpse of the Coachella VR experience, and sounding a warning about how these technologies should be deployed and the limits of their relevance.

Sync Focus
Any electronic musician now knows that sync – whether in film, TV, advertising or games – is a vital income stream, but the mechanics of getting signed are never simple. This year we have an innovative new panel format called Sync Exploder, where we take you step by step through the really important stuff, break down how that came about and look at all the nitty-gritty including legal, financial and practical details between deal and screen. In addition to this, on Friday we will be holding an in-depth discussion about the differences (and indeed similarities) between writing specifically for the screen and having general purpose tracks signed for sync deals.

Branding Of An Artist
The Kick off panel at Hard Dance Event looks at the question of how to be original and create an identity that reaches many while remaining true to yourself. Being an artist is more than just producing rocking shows. In order to be noticed and stay popular, you have to put effort into constructing a brand around what you do. It’s often claimed that hardstyle artists display many similarities in their approach. Hear it from the insiders.

Music in Space
The ADE Tech programme will also discuss the famous Golden Record sent across the solar system, and ask what music we would send out to space now. What does our music say about us as a species, and what purpose is there sharing it with the universe? With both composers and industry professionals alongside a representative of the European Space Agency, this discussion will be an opportunity to think on a galactic scale.

Other Ways To Make Money Out of Music
In today’s streaming dominated era it is completely normal for an artist to be working multiple revenue streams. They range from the classic merchandising/touring combo to sponsorship deals, brand activations, and collaborating with social media platforms, alongside launching self-branded consumer products, composing for marketing campaigns, creating software and even designing soft-furnishings. Our hand-picked group of pioneering artists, individuals and companies will be demonstrating just how far you can stretch your financial horizons. Companies AEI Group, MusicGlue, Monstercat and artists Nakadia and Sam Feldt share their thoughts.

In addition to the talks and programmes, don't forget that you can learn as much about the industry – and make vital connections to boot – in the Networking and Business Lounges of DeLaMar and the Stadsschouwburg. We're sure you'll be booking up meetings already with contacts from across the world – but don't forget that those chance meetings and random conversations can be absolutely vital too. Every year we hear tales of projects and friendships that have been launched off the back of random meetings, and we hope we've created an atmosphere in the Network and Business Lounges that's conducive to more than ever of these!

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The event is accessible for ADE Pass and ADE Conference Pass holders
, available here. More program info can be found here.

ADE Tech
Tickets for ADE Tech (€95,-) are available here. The event is also accessible for ADE Pass & ADE Conference Pass holders. Attend here to stay up to date, more program info can be found here.

Hard Dance Event
Tickets for Hard Dance Event (€30,-) are available here. The event is also accessible for ADE Pass & ADE Conference Pass holders. Attend here to stay up to date, more program info can be found here.

Photo credits: Marjan Schönenberg

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