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  • ADE BEATS 2017 presents: the sound of now

You hear it bumping from cars and internet radio-stations and mobile phones in big cities everywhere: an exciting and wildly popular mix of Afrobeats, UK grime, dubstep, hip-hop, dancehall and house music. A fully international mash-up sound that is defining a new sonic direction for hip-hop and electronic music globally. ADE Beats 2017 celebrates this global movement with some of its key figures.

The productions of our special guest 24-year old East-London producer Jonathan ‘JAE5’ Mensah, the go-to producer for successful UK rapper J Hus, are a culmination of the most exciting trends in hip-hop, bass and beats right now and a true celebration of hip-hop’s global moment. The golden child of this new sound, JAE5 is a product of the music scenes in East-London, United Kingdom and in Accra, Ghana, where he spent years of his adolescence, soaking in the African sounds and mixing them with the electronic music he grew up with in the U.K., merging hiplife with hip-hop, dubset and grime.

Romain Bilharz is CEO for Island Africa and a key player in the African music industry and has worked with artists as diverse as Stromae, Doc Gynéco and Efya, and discusses hip-hop’s global moment at ADE Beats 2017 with groundbreaking Dutch hip-hop entrepreneur Kees de Koning. The manager for one of the most popular European hip-hop artists, Afro Trap phenomenon MHD from Paris, Adel Kaddar, is also at ADE Beats and he will talk Afro Trap and MHD’s career in our closing debate This Is Not America. JOEY le SOLDAT from Burkina Faso discusses the sound system culture and rap battle scene in capital Ouagadougou at ADE Beats 2017 and developing a mash-up sound with famed Stones Throw engineer Dave Cooley.

Visit all their talks and many more inspiring networking sessions, master classes and keynotes on the global hip-hop bass and beats scene, including talks with Trinidad’s super star DJ The Jillionaire of global super group Major Lazer, Detroit groove legend Amp Fiddler, the untold story on Wu-Tang Clan’s million dollar album and much more for only 30 euro’s. Let’s go! 

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