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Showcasing the future at ADE Tech


ADE '17
  • Showcasing the future at ADE Tech

The inaugural edition of the conference track takes place on Thursday, October 19th in the DeLaMar Theater.

Following up on our announcements about Dance & Brands and ADE Green we have some exciting news, with the launch of a new conference track. Whether we like it or not, technology is central to many of the things that we do both personally and professionally, and in many ways it defines us as people on a daily basis. With this in mind, ADE Tech, curated by Paylogic, will be featuring some of the most important emerging technologies and showcasing some of the brightest minds of our generation.

The potential of digital reality
Confirmed topics include Realising the Potential of Digital Reality, which will be taking a look at the wider possibilities of the integration of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality within the music and entertainment industries. While such mixed discipline approaches are currently very limited, the possibilities are endless and will, over the next three to five years, become seamlessly integrated into what we experience as consumers of entertainment.

Blockchanging the Entertainment Industry
As much as technology is now almost a part of our DNA, what is undeniable is that we all need to earn a living, something that has been a constant challenge to content creators and IP owners since the internet emerged and piracy became the norm. But in Blockchanging The Entertainment Industry you get the chance to see why so many people now think that it is truly a game changer. The panel will be putting everything - from smart contracts to the distribution of music copyrights - under the microscope, in order to answer the big, important questions such as what Blockchain can do for the music industry, and which Blockchain initiatives are already successful in our industry. More panels and cutting edge topics to be announced very shortly...

The inaugural ADE Tech takes place on Thursday, October 19th in the DeLaMar Theater. Ticket for the day are available here, and you can access the event with your ADE Pass and ADE Conference Pass.

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