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Electronic legend Gary Numan to appear at ADE


ADE '17
  • Electronic legend Gary Numan to appear at ADE

One of the founders of contemporary pop and electronic music joins us for an in-depth conversation with Dave Clarke.

Following up on our recent announcements about ADE LIVE and the focus on Morroco we have some very exciting news about ADE's day program. Electronic music pioneer Gary Numan will be present for a dialogue with Dave Clarke.

If you were a kid who loved electronic music in the late 70s, there really wasn't that much on offer, especially if you preferred pop to hippy prog noodling à la Tangerine Dream. Nonetheless, Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk rightly get huge credit for forging a new way of making tunes that hit the mainstream charts, but in terms of lasting impact, they are at the very least equalled by Numan.

Numan was as much a punk as he was a fan of synthesisers, a combination that created tight, insidiously memorable songs, sung by someone who sounded urgent, lost and more-than-a-little alien. His breakthrough single Are Friends Electric was followed by a string of hits including Cars, This Wreckage, and I Die:You Die. He is also widely credited with being one of the early pioneers of sampling, and more recently, releases by Armand van Helden (Koochy) and The Sugababes (Freak Like Me), that sampled Cars and Are Friends Electric respectively, bought his work to a younger audience. Numan is seen as an inspiration for a wide range of artists, including Radiohead, Foo Figthers, Nine Inch Nails, Moloko and GZA.

These days a thoroughly reinvigorated Numan tours the world and plays major festivals including Coachella and Bestival. He collaborated with Jean-Michel Jarre on Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise, and last year was presented with the Moog Innovation Award by Moog Music. “Replacing guitars with heavily effected synthesizers,” Moog Music notes, “Numan’s early work is almost single handedly responsible for introducing post-punk electronica into the popular consciousness, while propelling synth music beyond Prog Rock to inspire the wave of 80s synth pop that soon followed. 2016 also saw him being given an Ivor Novello award for his inspirational role in music. 

MusicTalks: Gary Numan
Saturday Oct. 21st, 1PM, Festival Hangout (Nes 45)

Tickets & more info
ADE Sound Lab will run from October 19th- October 21st, program starts at noon. Access only for ADE Card and ADE Pass / ADE Conference Pass holders. Purchase your ADE Card here
Attend here to stay up to date, more program info can be found here.

The Festival Hangout at De Brakke Grond (Nes 45) is open from ADE's Wednesday through till Saturday from 10 am onwards, and is located at the very heart of Amsterdam just 10 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station. 

ADE Sound Lab is run in cooperation with Creative Industries Fund NL and VSB fund supporting the Festival Hangout.

Watch Gary Numan in the trailer of Planet Elektro, a documentary about the origin of electronic music that premiered at ADE 2016:

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