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5 performances not to miss at ADE Sound Lab


ADE '16
  • 5 performances not to miss at ADE Sound Lab

Come on over to the Compagnietheater for audiovisual and spatial sound delight.

ADE Sound Lab is the conference covering everything about sound, Where sound synthesis, audiovisual art and innovative ways to produce sound are shared, demonstrated, discussed and developed. We've listed five performances that we think can not be missed:

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OTO Emissions by Thomas Ankersmit
In these live spatial-sound performances Ankersmit explores the phenomenon of “otoacoustic emissions”. These are sounds that are created inside the ears of the listener, by the ears themselves, in response to certain stimulus sounds that he creates. These “sonic hallucinations" offer an intimate and highly disorienting acoustic experience, where a slight movement of the listener’s head can completely change what he or she hears.
Saturday October 22
Main Hall, 6 PM - 6.40 PM

FIBER presents: Recursions by Cyspe & DEFRAME 
Recursions is a new audiovisual performance by musician/composer Robin Koek and audiovisual artist collective DEFRAME. In this layered show the audience experiences a dialogue between image, sound and space. Epicentre of the performance is a kinetic sculpture - based on the work of cybernetics pioneer Nicolas Schöffer - which merges live video, software-generated visuals and electronic music. By linking the sculpture to algorithmic softwareRecursions is a play between self-organization, control and losing control. The result: a unique live set based on an unexpected collection of frequencies and patterns.
Thursday October 20
Main Hall, 3 PM - 3.45 PM

Synaesthesia by Michele Abolaffio 
‘Live body exploration of sound and light’
This project aims to explore the musical and corporeal performance practice built upon the active stimulation of the senses of sight, hearing and the perception of the muscles. The performance is based on a synesthetic system composed of wearable sensors that respond both to bio-signals and dynamically controlled lighting. This live performance consists of a solo live set in which Michele is the sole presence on stage and manipulates the creation of sound and light based on his own corporeal stimulations and his intuition.
Saturday October 22
Demo Room, 4.45 PM - 5 PM

Sonoscope by Ricky van Broekhoven
With his work, spatial sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven explores the realm of design and architecture. For ADE16 he sets up an engaging studio laboratory where he presents two machines and where he also performs with one of these: Sonoscope. Sonoscope projects oscillating waves in water. He joins forces with producer and artist Albert van Abbe (NL) to create a multi sensory wavescape experience.
Thursday October 20 - Friday October 21
Main Hall, 12 PM - 5.30 PM

The Smartphone Orchestra by Wildvreemd 
The Smartphone Orchestra is an orchestra in which ten to thousands of smartphones are synchronised to potentially form the biggest orchestra in the world. Every participant’s smartphone plays a unique part. An orchestra that can perform anywhere in the world. The Smartphone Orchestra enables people to experience being together in a completely new way: it opens up numerous possibilities to tell stories or share experiences with mass audiences.
Saturday October 22
Main Hall, 2 PM - 2.15 PM

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