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The Real Value of Poop and Much More at ADE Green


ADE '16
  • The Real Value of Poop and Much More at ADE Green

This year ADE Green is running a series of in-depth workshops covering various aspects of sustainability to help you to maximise and optimise your greening efforts.

In order to participate you need to have a Green ticket or a delegate pass, and also to register through this google form

Workshop Sustainable Main Stage
Beautifully designed main stages are the focus in the Sustainable Main Stage workshop. They are hugely important for the atmosphere at many festivals, and they’re a big trademark for events like Coachella, Defqon.1, Alfa Future People and Tomorrowland, to name just a few. But how can you design and build as sustainably as possible? And how can you make sure that most materials are re-used and/or recycled after the festival? In this workshop, Emellie O’Brien, Earth Angel (US), who helped make the filmset of  ’Spiderman’ as sustainable as possible, will share the tips and tricks of sustainable set building Hollywood-style, alongside the lessons learnt from building sustainable main stages at festivals.

Workshop Green Event Management 
If you want to make your event more sustainable but don’t know where to start, the Green Event Management workshop presented by A Greener Festival, provides an introductory session where you learn about the perceived challenges in implementing sustainable practices, alongside how to approach them at an operational level. The workshop will be touching on a broad range of topics including overall policy, power, procurement, waste management, water use, traffic and transport, external reach and behavioural change. 

Workshop Waste Management 
Waste management is a big issue at any event and the Waste Management Workshop presented by Green Events Nederland, will be examining how to make sure the festival location does not look like landfill after the party, how to encourage the use of materials that can be reused or recycled, as well as what can be done during and after the festival. Join this workshop and learn more about how to manage waste. Expect practical guidelines, do’s and don’ts and plenty of time. 

Poop is Gold: in-depth discussion
And on the subject of waste, did you know there are many valuable materials in your faeces and urine? And because there is so much generated during a festival, why not make use of it? In this in-depth panel you will be introduced to a new way of thinking, namely that poop is black gold. Festival representatives, companies from the recycling sector and a researcher will share their knowledge and best practice cases on the valuable materials you can recover, how to collect them and where to use them next. So why not join us for our poop panel!

ADE Green is a collaboration between ID&T and ADE, supported by Green Events Nederland, Green Music Initiative, Julie’s Bicycle and Open-House. Don’t miss any updates by signing up for our Green Newsletter (hyperlink:
Date: Wednesday October 19th
Venue: De Brakke Grond (Nes 45)
Tickets for ADE Green (35,-) are available here, (also accessible for 1- & 5- day conference ticket holders).

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