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Trouw Completes line-up ADE


ADE '13
  • Trouw Completes line-up ADE

Trouw completes the ADE program with Julio Bashmore, Dixon, Âme, Mano Le Tough en John Talabot.

Club Trouw presents a very special lineup during ADE 2013. After selling out their first event at the Concertgebouw within a couple of hours they complete their ADE program with a total of six events. If you didn’t manage to get a ticket for the special event at the Concertgebouw featuring Darkside, Patrice Bäumel en Henrik Schwarz Instruments and the Dutch Kamerorkest, don’t be too sad because there are five more events lined-up at Trouw.

Trouw kicks off Amsterdam Dance Event with Colors on Wednesday. Colors recently celebrated their 3rd birthday and kept surprising their audience with new acts and big headliners. During ADE they make room for, Julio Bashmore, Kowton and Funkineven. The man behind Colors Cinnaman, will turn the Trouw basement (de verdieping) upside down by playing an all night long set.

On Thursday, Trouw is all about Innervisions. In the upper floor they welcome newcomer Konstantin Sibold and South African pride Culoe de Song. Beside them Ten Walls’ live act at Trouw is an absolute first. Naturally, Innervisions founder and label boss Dixon, provides the final set.
In De Verdieping Innervisions shows a completely different side of what we might be used to from them, namely techno! Gerd Janson, Âme’s ,Recondite live and Alex.Do will surely make it a memorable night.

Resident Advisor hosts the night of Saturday October 19th. The Berlin-based Belgian Peter van Hoesen and Berghain's rising star Rødhåd will stand side-by-side with Dutch techno veteran Sandrien. In De Verdieping RA puts a diverse mix of sounds and talents together. Young Marco alongside DJ Harvey, Terre Theamlitz aka DJ Sprinkles, and finally Mr. Ties. On October 20th Red Bull Music Academy presents a special ADE edition of Trouw op Zondag.

Trouw op Zondag will begin at 8am on Sunday and no one knows what time they will stop on Monday. You may count on Artists like: Jean Pierre Enfant, Nuno Dos Santos, Melon, Job Jobse, Patrice Bäumel, Olaf Boswijk, San Proper, Makam, Boris Werner and William Kouam Djoko alongside their friends John Talabot, Mano Le Tough, San Soda and Hunee.

Afraid you don’t have enough time to check out all these amazing artists? Don’t be because Trouw will not close their doors on Saturday and will stay open ‘till Monday!

Colors - Amsterdam Dance Event Special
Wednesday October 16th
Trouw Amsterdam
23:00 - 07:00
Tickets: Presale €16,- / Door €18,- and available here.
Julio Bashmore (GB)
FunkinEven (GB)
Kowton (GB)
Cinnaman (NL)

Innervisions Amsterdam Dance Event Special
Thursday October 17
Trouw Amsterdam
23:00 - 07:00
Tickets: Presale €20,- / door €22,- and available here.
Konstantin Sibold (DE)
Culoe de Song (SA)
Ten Walls (live) (DE)
Dixon (DE)
Gerd Janson (DE)
Âme (DE)
Recondite live (DE)
Alex.Do (DE)
/entrée presents:
Trouw at Concertgebouw
Friday October 18
Trouw Amsterdam
21:00 - 23:30
Tickets: Sold Out
Darkside (US)
Patrice Bäumal (NL)
Het Nederlands Kamerorkest (NL)
Henrik Schwarz (DE)
Clone x Delsin x Rush Hour - Amsterdam Dance Event Special
Friday October 18
Trouw Amsterdam
22:00 - 07:00
Tickets: Presale €18,- / door €20,- and available here.
Antal (NL)
Xosar live (NL)
Serge (NL)
Tom Trago live (NL)
Gerd (NL)
KiNK live (BG)
Delta Funktionen (DE)
Alden Tyrell live (NL)
Conforce (NL)
Legowelt live (NL)
A Made Up Sound (NL)
Resident Advisor - Amsterdam Dance Event Special
Saturday Ocotber 19
Trouw Amsterdam
22:00 - 07:00
Tickets: Presale €20,- / door €22,- and available here.
Sandrien (NL)
Peter van Hoesen (DE)
Rødhåd (DE)
Young Marco (NL)
Motor City Drum Ensemble (NL)
DJ Sprinkles (JP)
Mr Ties (DE)
Trouw op Zondag - Amsterdam Dance Event Special
Sunday October 20
Trouw Amsterdam
23:00 - 07:00
Tickets: Presale €20,- / door €22,- and available here.
Jean Pierre Enfant (NL)
Nuno dos Santos (NL)
Melon (NL)
John Talabot (ES)
Job Jobse (NL)
Mano le Tough (DE)
& surprise guests
San Soda (BE)
Patrice Bäumel (NL)
Olaf Boswijk (NL)
San Proper (NL)
Hunee (US)
Makam & Boris Werner & William Kouam Djoko (NL)

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