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YouTube CEO Patrick Walker: ‘Live is here to stay’


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  • YouTube CEO Patrick Walker: ‘Live is here to stay’

The significance of YouTube? Well, Let’s kick off with some impressive figures. YouTube has 800,000,000 - yes, that figure is in millions - unique visitors a day. 600,000,000 mobile YouTube views daily, 350,000,00 devices enabled for YouTube, 20,00 revenue generating patterns, 7000 Teets per minute with a YouTube link and 72 hours of video uploads an hour. It’s pretty obvious, right? So what’s in it for the Conference visitors at ADE? YouTube plays a vital role when it comes to promoting music worldwide, says Patrick Walker, Senior Director at YouTube.

The role of YouTube in the world of music is bigger than ever, and the platform is only gaining more momentum as more markets are rushing online with Internet enabled technologies. Everybody saw an Austrian guy jump from space a couple of days ago, and that story shows how important the role of (live) online video is. ‘If you want to tell a story nowadays, you can hypothetically reach eight million people worldwide via the Internet,’ says Walker. ‘You never know where a successful video is going to come from. It could be man jumping from space with a parachute, Felix Baumgartner set the record when it comes to people who simultaneously watched an online video (8 million) or a Korean rapper who does a weird dance.’
Walker shows us the trailer of the ‘Life In A Day’ movie by Ridley Scott. ‘This film is made up of 5000 hours of video gathered from around the world. We asked people to give us a video of something that happened to them that day or week, and we edited it down to 90 minutes. These are the new means of story telling; it shows what technology can do nowadays, using material from your biggest fans - your users. In music, user generated content is becoming more and more important.
As an example of a successful music-, and thus promotional video, Walker shows us the Skrillex video that premiered on Noisey’s YouTube channel, which created a huge buzz online. This is the future of music promotion, and you better get with the program that’s called YouTube.

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