Aspiring producers

The Rough Guide for aspiring producers

With so much to choose from during ADE, we made a rough guide for aspiring producers to help you get to the right places, hubs, panels, keynotes and more so you can take your productions and careers to the next level.

ADE Sound Lab

ADE Sound Lab program

For aspiring producers, the most essential events can be found in De Brakke Grond and the Compagnietheater, which centers on all things sound this year. ADE Sound Lab offers artists the possibility to get face-to-face time with top producers, sound engineers, managers and agents in demo and promo pitch programs.

In Studio XL, top producers like Aazar, Charlotte Adigéry, Mike Williams, San Holo and NGHTMRE and others host masterclass sessions that provide you with a host of valuable insights, studio habits, and production tips and tricks. They are showcased by the artists in a friendly and cozy environment and they will answer your burning questions to boot. Tapping into that same vane: don’t miss out on the Studio Sessions, where you'll be able to experience what happens behind the scenes in an intimate setting. Artists include: Eelke Kleijn, Rodriguez Jr., Wantigga and more.

Of course, Sound Lab wouldn't be complete without an extensive gear program. If you like to know more about the machinery that makes electronic music tick, both De Brakke Grond and the Compagnietheater are your go-to spots. You can get hands-on with a wide range of hard and software, including Ableton, Moog, Pioneer DJ, and Roland.

Von Di Carlo ADE Beats
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Demo & Promo opportunities

ADE Sound Lab Beat Clinic
Beat Clinic at the Compagnietheater is ADE Sound Lab's newest addition. Each day, we invite a professional within a specific genre to give constructive feedback on finished tracks submitted by aspiring producers just like you to help them move in the right direction. If you have trouble making your snares snap, your bass lines boom, your dynamics come to life, or your mixdowns sound unique: submit your treasured demo between 10 and 12 am by dropping it on a USB into the demo box at the entrance. New entries are randomly selected every session, so make sure you pick the artist you wish to treat your track beforehand. No demo? No matter. Just drop in and listen to top-notch advice from producers like Ferry Corsten, Lucas & Steve and Headhunterz who live and perform on the frontline every week.

ADE Sound Lab Promopitch
Sometimes great artists seem to just fall out of the sky: suddenly they’re there scoring hit after hit. Often though, there’s a clever marketing strategy behind it. Your music can be amazing, but in times of oversupply, it's very important to stand out from the crowd one way or the other. Usually, everything starts with a good track, but talent alone doesn’t get you where you want to be. Without promotion no publicity, without publicity no fans, without fans no gigs nor people buying your music. At Promopitch you can meet with our pros for advice. Confirmed industry professionals include the International PR & Promotion Managers at Armada Music; Lisanne Krouwels and Justine Servais.

ADE Sound Lab Demopitch
Get professional feedback on your demo! Bring your music and a device (laptop or tablet)., and you have ten minutes to get professional advice on your track. The music professionals include Dutch and international artists, managers, agents, A&R managers, and sound engineers. Demopitch registration (limited capacity) is only possible with an ADE Sound Lab wristband. Between 10-12am there’s an opportunity to claim a spot at the registration desk for the Demopitches with a professional. The registration desk is located on the first floor of the Compagnie Theater.


Anyone who is really serious about making music has to, at some point, face the truth, to face the big question, the only one that truly counts: Are my tracks any good? And what better way to find out than by dropping your latest work into the Demolition Box, then coming along to the Demolition Panel on Saturday at ADE Sound Lab? Demolition is a panel of DJs, producers and music industry figures headed by legendary DJ Dave Clarke, who are ready to give you an honest appraisal of your work, and maybe even some tips as to how to improve what you're doing. So come on! Don't be shy. Drop your CD or USB stick in the Demolition Demo box! (any time between 11.00-16.00 at the registration desk at Brakke Grond). Your time to shine, and the 2019 price package is bigger than ever.

ADE Beats Demolition
At ADE Beats Demolition we take our feedback sessions to a competitive platform. Bring your treasured demo, drop it in the demo box and listen to what the pro's have to say about it. This is a beat competition, so the weak-hearted should not attend, for we ask our judges to be frank and direct. It can be a sobering experience, it can bring elation, but it will always be about the music, your music. And of course, there is a chance of winning nice prices!

In The Studio with: Azaar, Ben Liebrand, Charlotte Adigéry, Eelke Kleijn, Rodriguez Jr., Wantigga and WUKONG
If you’re attending Sound Lab, don’t miss out on the Studio Sessions, where you’ll be able to experience, what happens behind the scenes, in an intimate setting.

Staff pics for producers

ADE Health: The Talent Blessing Or Curse Series
This year’s ADE Health, under the title Talent - A Blessing Or A Curse?, will feature a range of experts and artists focusing on the realities of being creative, how best to manage talent in the hothouse environment that is our live music scene, alongside offering advice and tips to musicians about what to do in order to get the best from themselves and their entourage.

How to Grow a Music Business – Achieving Scale Without Selling Out

In the ‘old world,’ you had to go get a deal to even get started in the music business and this always gave the big players the upper hand. These days, getting started is relatively easy with home studios and open access to distribution platforms. The difficult bit is growing to scale – how do you plan for and cope with growth in the digital age? Often it feels like the only way to access capital is to sell out, but is this really the case? Is it possible to bootstrap your way to the top and what strategies are independent dance music companies actually using to develop successfully?

How to Grow a Money-Tree

So you’ve finally had enough of the weekly grind, and being at the office or playing shows just doesn’t do it for you anymore. You’ve saved up some money and now you want to put it to work, but how do you go from being a DJ/producer or a label executive to being an investor, and most importantly, how do you choose where to place your hard-earned money in order to minimize the possibility of losing it? How do you assess risk and how do you know who to trust? What defines a good investment? What sort of mindset and attitudes create successful entrepreneurs?

Monetizing Socials: Copyright on Digital Platforms
Now that the European Union concluded the discussion on the Copyright Directive, there is clarity on what songs need to be licensed, and by whom. But how does it work in practice? What do you, as a creator need to do yourself, what do you need to watch out for when doing business with platforms and what is the publishers' role?

Q&A Deborah Mannis-Gardner – The Future of Sampling and Music Clearance
Deborah Mannis-Gardner is the go-to expert for global music rights clearances. Her sample clearance skills are legendary – and she has cleared releases for top artists including Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, Drake, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, Eminem, Rihanna, The Notorious B.I.G., Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. At ADE Beats, Deborah Mannis-Gardner will discuss some of the amazing projects and artists she has supported in clearance matters, and her approach to sampling as a whole. She will share her insider view - based on 30 years in the industry - on the future of sampling and music clearance in the streaming age, the importance of sampling as an art-form and for long-term artist revenues, and how to approach sampling as a producer in this day and age.

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