Xbox Game Studios and PlayStation on the Future of Music in Gaming


Xbox Game Studios and PlayStation on the Future of Music in Gaming

BMIM - Ted Kocher (Sr. Editor, Music Supervisor, PlayStation, US) and Kyle Hopkins (Senior Manager of Music Supervision, Xbox Game Studios, US)

Gaming is hot business! With big brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Lexus and more collaborating with games, gamers and E-sports organizations, gaming is only going to become even bigger. That’s good news for us! Because we all know, a game is nothing with music! We invited two of the biggest players in the console gaming industry to catch you up to speed on the current landscape of gaming.What are the things you can keep in mind when pitching your music to a game? What trends do they see? Which gaming music supervisors are curating the huge sports games playlists? This panel will unpack the landscape of music and games and lay out pathways that emerging rights holders and composers can follow to level up at visual media’s.

Huis Vasari (Vrije Academie)

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