Gear Test Lab 22/10


Gear Test Lab 22/10

Welcome to the Gear Test Lab; the place where you are allowed and encouraged to touch every piece of gear you walk into! Take a look at the newest pieces of hardware in the game and meet the key brands within electronic music production to get inspired creating new workflows and maybe even adding new pieces to you own (bedroom) studio set-up!This year, the Gear Test Lab is accompanied by the following brands:


Amptec supply, install and manufacture professional audio solutions for all of the music industry’s broadcast, live and studio needs. Should you be looking to sort yourself a professional set up then these are the people to speak to, and this is the time to do it. A range of the company’s equipment from companies like ADAM Audio, Bitwig, Moog and RME will be available to explore and investigate so you can get exactly that setup that you need to make it onto the world stage!

Howler Audio

Have you got some hot new records to show off? Been jamming on synths? Nailed some fancy mixing techniques? Then you need to record your work. Dutch start up Howler Audio allows you to do just that, effortlessly, whether DJing on the main stage or live-streaming from your bedroom, all in high-quality audio and ready to share with the world. Get to know the Howler Audio Recording Device at this vital workshop.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is an Italian company (from the same town as Ferrari!) that has everything you could possibly need to make the most weird, wild and wonderful music imaginable. It recreates all manner of legendary products in the digital world and has opened up endless creative possibilities. As a producer looking for an edge, you need to know all about this go-to one-stop-shop and get hands on with its gear. This is your chance!

AlphaTheta (Pioneer DJ)

You would be hard pushed to head to any booth in the world and not find some sort of Pioneer DJ gear. It is the go-to brand for DJs and producers from many electonic genres and all corners of the world, so is widely considered to be the industry standard. Here you will be able to learn all you need to know about Pioneer technology from the people who know it best.

Aimi is a little glimpse of the future - a hint at how music might be made in years to come. It is an online, artist-driven generative music platform that uses AI to reimagine how we listen to and produce electronic music. At the Gear Test Lab, Aimi will demonstrate its new interactive music player that showcases how music can be interactive and allows fans to personalize their listening experiences in their own intuitive way. Be sure to stay ahead of the game by checking out this cutting-edge technology!


Timetosser from Alter Audio is a standalone instrument for re-sequencing audio on the fly. You will be able to explore all the perks of this latest firmware release with full demos which unveil all new functionalities.


SAE Institute offers a comprehensive course portfolio in creative media fields such as audio, the music business, film and web and will be set up in Nes (incorporating De Brakke Grond, Studio Arena) around the ADE Lab activation zone. You’re invited to take part in their workshop experiences and ‘Live’ Challenges each day which focus on programming for the ADE Lab audience, from consumers to prosumers, aspiring artists to young professionals.


The company that introduced the world to the TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909 has defined the path of electronic music with its world-famous hardware that creators and performers have been using to create some of the most amazing electronic music, past present and future.

Animo System
Animo System is a company that designs and produces professional audio furniture and accessories for producers and DJs. It was born from the need for brands and users of the music sector to find specific products furniture for the industry but that were not easily accessible. It is focused on providing professional structures and solutions in custom-made or standard installations for the music and entertainment professionals

Amptec Distribution
Amptec Distribution, BeNeLux distributor of high-end studio related brands, will demonstrate, in collaboration with ADAM Audio, Bitwig, Moog and RME Audio, how to integrate today’s music software with modular hardware with the use of RME audio interfaces. We’ll be adding the brand new Adam Audio A-series monitors to the setup for attendees to experience.

ADAM Audio

In 1999 founded and in Berlin based company ADAM Audio is a developer and manufacturer of professional studio monitors. At our ADE booth you can check out the new A Series studio monitors with its DSP-based functionality which can be controlled remotely and in real time over ethernet using A-Control software. In the ADAM Audio listening room you can also see and hear the Sonarworks automated room correction solution, which runs on the DSP of the A Series monitors, live in action.


Bitwig is an international music software company based in Berlin. Their DAW has earned Bitwig numerous awards and made Bitwig Studio the audio program of choice for musicians, sound designers, composers, film scorers, and artists from various fields. At our ADE booth, you can get your hands on the latest version of Bitwig Studio and its unique features like The Grid.

Moog Music

Get your hands the latest gear from Asheville (US) based Moog Music, the brand that invented the portable synthesizer as we know it today. Go analog with the semi modular Grandmother and Matriarch synthesizers.

RME Audio

German audio interface manufacturer RME Audio has an unrivalled reputation for quality, performance and reliability. Check out how to use the DC-coupled outputs of the Fireface UCX II to integrate your modular hardware with your music software.


Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

Info / tickets

Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

Info / tickets

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