DJs, Music Producers, Music Publishers: How To Make The Most Of Your Catalog


DJs, Music Producers, Music Publishers: How To Make The Most Of Your Catalog

Thibaud Fouet (Director, Membership), Alexandre Mahout (Head of Repertoire, SACEM)

Authors rights society Sacem presents its new services to producers, lyricists, composers, and publishers. Whether it’s about managing your earnings, understanding their origins with unmatched transparency and granularity, finding help to develop your career, or registering your music online, Thibaud Fouet (Head of Membership) and Alexandre Mahout (Head of Repertoire), will give you an overview of the services Sacem provides for its member and why Sacem is the most efficient Collective Management Organization to represent your music rights worldwide, in particular but not only for digital exploitations and live performances.

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