Speedy J Presents: STOOR live - Cancelled

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Speedy J Presents: STOOR live - Cancelled

In the past period, Speedy J has been hiding in a basement space full of electronic studio equipment. This is how STOOR was born, a new sonic lab complex in Rotterdam. This generously reinforced space, open 24/7 and with no stylistic limitations placed on its guests, is available to intrepid electronic producers. Now, Speedy J is taking this concept to the stage. STOOR live will be a jam between alternating musicians and video artists. What happens next is unknown, except for the fact that a stage packed with analogue machines and experienced users certainly leads to a magical audiovisual trip.

The events are hosted in close collaboration with the city council. All of the public health and safety guidelines set by the government are taken into account. We kindly want to ask everyone to follow the guidelines and respect the rules that have been set by the participating venues. Read all about this here. We do not encourage (global) travel to Amsterdam.

This event is cancelled.

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