Sonic Tornado by Marieke Verbiesen

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20161020 ADE Compagnietheater Soundlab Willeke Machiels 003 8129

Sonic Tornado by Marieke Verbiesen

Sonic Tornado is an instrument by Dutch new media artist Marieke Verbiesen, that brings forward audiovisual forces that produce light, sound and animation.
Sonic Tornado's algorithm is based on the innerworkings of reallife Tornado's
translated to parameters that can be controlled with custom-made functionality. Users can interactively control Sonic Tornado with hand movement: each hand and each finger can be used to control different sequences of light, animations and sounds.

The installation is based on the classic Theremin, an instrument that can be played without physical contact. The instrument's controlling section consists of two metal antennas that sense the relative position of the thereminist's hands and control oscillators for frequency with one hand, and amplitude with the other.

Sonic Tornado lets its users play with supernatural powers by evoking a chaotic twirling mass that generates an audiovisual universe under the users control. Intense swirling of movement and quadraphonic sound increases over time and gains intensity when set in motion. The tornado can be played like an instrument, using only your hands, creating an explosive “big bang” of audio visual forces.

Accessible on the first floor of the Compagnietheater with ADE Card, ADE Sound Lab ticket and for ADE delegates.


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