ADE BeamLab in Conversation with Alex Braga


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ADE BeamLab in Conversation with Alex Braga

Artist Alex Braga enter EVOLUTIONAL MUSIC with A-MINTA new instrument, an adaptive Artificial Intelligence that will expand the frontier of Music.
There is nothing more simple yet more complex than a human being. The challenge of Alex Braga is to create an Evolutional and organic kind of sound with the aid of a revolutionary new instrument called A-MINT.A-MINT is an adaptive Artificial Intelligence working in real-time for the artist and enabling any musician to explore infinite creativity. The artist plants his seed, the original melody, from which the reproductive environment of A-MINT creates endless new melodies in real-time. From this original melody, A-MINT grows new cells and creates vital and organic music, made up of infinite layers of arrangements, while acting as a new living organism, regardless of pitch, bpm, dynamic, grids, patterns and stems. Electronic music becomes as free, as simple, as complex, as tangible and yet as infinite as you can possibly imagine, just as any other living being.
An Hyperloop of creation multiplying notes, arrangements, layers, to plus infinity: this is the signature sound of EVOLUTIONAL MUSIC. Alex Braga is currently working on his first E.P. using A-MINT, at VoxTon Studio in Berlin, with sound engineer Francesco Donadello and producer Robert Lippok, the godfather of experimental electronic music and a pure scientist of arts applied to music. Alex Braga has been touring with A-Mint and performing all over the world, among other places as a headliner at Mutek Festival, Google Arts & Culture Center, Centre Pompidou in Paris & RomaEuropaFestival, Sonar.
The debut E.P. and the new performance debuted at Ars Electronica in Linz, Sept. 5th - 9th, where Alex Braga received NOMINATION for category S+T+ARTS=STARTS, the special honoring of the European Commission for innovation in technology, industry and society stimulated by the arts.
Alex Braga took the stage for the opening ceremony concert with the world premiere of his new stunning show that will be touring in support fo the release of the EP: the Artist fired up the audience playing on stage alone with an automated Yamaha Disklavier Upright piano that mounts a special kinetic laser sculpture. The Artificial Intelligence A-MINT fuel the movements of the piano keys and the mechanic of the piano will move the lasers in an endless and hypnotic choreography and total interaction with the music and the visual.
The Artificial Intelligence A-MINT is also the first to enter Classical conservatories: Alex Braga is the first teacher of such instrument with his masterclass in Santa Cecilia, one of the oldest musical institutions in the world. A-MINT was created by Alex Braga and professors Francesco Riganti Fulginei and Antonino Laudani from University Roma Tre and it is now being developed to deliver software to every musician willing to cross the border.

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