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An insider’s view on the African hip-hop scene with Gigi Lamayne

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Inspired by the likes of Jean Grae, Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur, 24-year old Gigi Lamayne took South Africa by storm - becoming the number one independent female hip-hop artist in the country. The multi-award winning rapper, singer, song writer and poet is known for her charismatic stage presence, versatility and amazing lyrical abilities. This year, Lamayne made history as the first female hip-hop artist in Africa to execute a large one-woman show, gathering a crowd of 5.000 fans at Elkah Stadium in Soweto, South Africa with her The Gigi Gang Show. She switches genres and inspirations effortlessly – for example her latest single FUFA, now on 500K views on YouTube, boasts a Gqom groove with hard hitting South African lyrical fines.

Apart from scoring major hit singles in her home market - Lamayne also scored a number one hit in Nigeria, Botswana and Namibia and continues to gain traction across new territories within Africa daily. During her Q&A at ADE Beats Lamayne will discuss how she built up her success as a female MC in her home market and the African music industry on a larger scale. She will share her insider view on the trends and opportunities in the hip-hop scene in her region, her creative ambitions, and her vision on artist driven international collaboration in the global hip-hop scene.

Q&A Gigi Lamayne – An insider’s view on the African hip-hop scene


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