Turne (NL)

Turne Flynn Edwards was born and raised in Amsterdam with American roots. For years he has been one of Amsterdam’s most vibrant factors in its dj booths. This guy really mixes anything but got most of his credit being one of the Netherlands top Hip Hop djs. Meaning the guy has some great skills and techniques. The chances are pretty slim your regular club follower has never experienced a Turne-set. Besides rocking parties Turne has also produced quit a list of mixtapes over the years. His most famous one probably being the “Turne it up” a dedication to Dilla which he made in 2006 for his hero J Dilla. The day after he concluded it the tragic news came along about Dilla’s passing. So he dropped it online that very same day. Ever since it has lead its own life and has been named one of the best Dilla tributes out there. Or like the legendary Jazzy Jeff said “Turne it up is one of the best mixtapes I have ever heard”.
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