Trasher (NL)

If you’re after a man who possesses a deviant musical history and a fuck you attitude, who knows only one thing – how to make every performance a crushing, heart-wrenching and memorable experience for all who dare to witness the destruction that he is capable of, then there is only one name you need on your roster, and that’s ‘Thrasher’. UK born and Rotterdam bred Gareth De Wijk, owner of the most successful hard Drum and Bass/Hardcore/Breakcore fused label in the world – PRSPCT, takes no shit! Be it completely obliterating a crowd with his notorious 3 – 4 deck DJ sets showcasing his labels outstanding productions or performing alongside Limewax with as the front man for ‘The Hard Way’, Thrasher takes the stage, owns it, and leaves everyone in the room on their knees begging for more after experiencing the absolute life-altering destruction that his performances have to offer. Gareth De Wijk is well known for his ‘fuck-the-system’ attitude derived from a childhood completely consumed by the unrelenting Punk and Hardcore scenes that he surrounded himself with. From the age of 14, his passion for music had already taken a firm hold on him – he was already recording albums and touring the world during those tender teenage years, founding his now iconic performances. After exploring what several scenes had to offer throughout his life and performing nonstop across the globe on some of the world’s biggest stages, he discovered that the hard electronic music scene offered what he had been searching for, a place where he could merge his heavy Punk vs. Hardcore influence into something that would take the world by storm – his record label, the infamous PRSPCT Records. Thrasher’s success from label owner to artist, has exposed him to non-stop, jaw-dropping opportunity, like being bad ass enough to share the stage with legendary artists like The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails. If you need a performing artist that can do everything from over filling the dance floor with raging Hardcore psychopaths to turning the crowd into a mosh-pitting blood bath, then Thrasher is undoubtedly your man..
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