The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls (US)

Grammy nominated Band the Weather Girls, which sold over six million records worldwide has stood the test of time and allowed fans to grow with them and remained true to their disco roots. With Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes-Armstead, the band was formed in 1976 as backing singers for Sylvester and later went on to record the historic disco hit, It’s Raining Men in 1982. The band has toured extensively and has remained active under the management of Dynelle Rhodes, who is the daughter of the late original member Izora, and also went on to tour with her mother Izora for over 25 years post Martha’s departure from the band. Dynelle, who was only 15 when she waited for her mom backstage at the iconic studio 54 in the 1970s, has given the band new life and air and with disco back in mainstream and in clubs, its a perfect moment to bring the ladies to iconic programming, locations and events.
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