The Flexican (NL)

There are no words, styles or genres to describe the sounds of The Flexican. With a mix of up-tempo, house, hip-hop and many other styles, he gets crowds moving instantly. Thomás Goethals, better known as The Flexican, was born in Mexico City in 1983. He grew up surrounded by all sorts of music genres, from Latin to Rock. As a result, Thomás became fascinated by music at a young age. When he was about nine years old he moved to the Netherlands, where he met his neighbour and best friend Yousef Gnaoui (Sef). Soon electronic music and hip-hop got his attention and he decided this was going to be his future. Thomás attended the School for Audio Engineering in Amsterdam. This unmistakably contributed to the fact that The Flexican is now one of the most technical DJ’s in the Dutch music scene. Over the years The Flexican developed his sound and style from hip-hop, to house and even sounds that are not definable yet. Always trying to be ahead of the game, this true perfectionist is constantly reinventing himself and his music. In 2004 The Flexican and Sef started sharing their passion for music. They founded the Dutch hip-hop formation ‘Flinke Namen’. The Flexican produced all music for the award nominated album ‘Superstuntwerk’. Sold-out live tours and several awards prove the massive popularity of ‘Flinke Namen’ in the Netherlands. After the ‘Flinke Namen’ success, The Flexican started producing more music for himself. Again his work got rewarded with several awards and nominations like the Dutch Gouden Greep Award for Best DJ, Three Dutch State Awards and a Rembrandt Award Nomination in 2014. Other than producing and spinning records The Flexican is a true entrepreneur, developing concepts that give his musical experiments a platform. Together, The Flexican and Sef introduced what now is one of the most popular club nights in the Netherland: Yours Truly. It started as an intimate club night in the Jimmy Woo, but soon expanded to many sold-out ‘Yours Truly’ editions in Paradiso and other of Amsterdam’s biggest clubs. In the past years, Yours Truly has been hosting stages at large festivals like Mysteryland, Amsterdam Open Air and Kingsland. Yours Truly is now notorious in the Netherlands, known for multi-style musical journeys and absolutely turning venues upside down. In 2014 The Flexican produced the track Mother’s Day, which was internationally released by the French label ‘Because Music’. The track pays subtle homage to The Poison Clan's classic tune ‘Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya’ and the video clip is a flamboyant French Vogue scene. Of course the worldwide hit ‘Watch Out For This (Bumaye)’ cannot be left out here. In cooperation with Major Lazer and FS Green, he produced the track that made appearance on the Major Lazer album ‘Free the universe’. The Flexican yearly produces his ‘Yours Truly Yearmix’. In the beginning of each new year he pleases his fans with a compilation of the past musical year, including original tracks, remixes, bootlegs and personal favourites. For The Flexican’s fan base the yearmix is the ultimate recurring highlight of the year. In December 2015 The Flexican recorded his Yearmix for the first time live at Atelier Wolf Amsterdam in the company of his best friends and a few fans. A week later he released his 2015 Yearmix at Vogue.nl. Last year, The Flexican has been locked up in his studio producing new music that will be released in 2016. The Flexican has a strong reputation in the Netherlands but will be working on international collaborations as well. Not only does he depict trends in music, he also dresses far beyond the crowd. With his nomination for Esquire’s Best Man Award and spreads in magazines like Vogue and LINDA, we may rightfully introduce to you the personification of sophistication.
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