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SynnyS (Ruben Hulzebosch) was born in Hengelo in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Being raised with a lot of focus on music, he started making electronic music at the age of 12 after playing multiple instruments for years from the violin to a baritone saxophone in a bigband. In 1995 he got his first gig as a hardcore DJ. Known for his dark unique style he soon developed a passion for techno and acid a few years later. Meanwhile he was producing a lot of hardcore and techno. And in the late 90's it all became a bit more professional. In 2003 he discovered the power of scratching and turntablism and has been doing that a lot since then. After a lot of contact with label owner Antonio Soares Vierra in 2004 his first ep was released on Sheep Records followed by his second in 2005. In 2008 he joined up with 2Junxion as their producer and live act on stage. Since then a lot of stuff was released under the aliases SynnyS and 2Junxion. He is also a resident on the french Acid Cirkus Records run by Pzylo, and AJ Records run by the Acid Junkies. Having studied Audio Engineering, Music Technology and Applied Art and Technology, prepare for a lot more mutltimedial art coming in the future!
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