Syndicate Of L.A.W (BE)

It was about time to celebrate the switch to 2000 and Shurakano wrote a celebration speech accordingly. The “Holy Digit Kountdown” was born. The vocals were recorded right after the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 Syndicate of LAW “Right on time” 12-inch single became a club hit (worldwide). The acapella was sampled by DJ PIERRE (US, Nite Groove, “Switch 2001”). In 2003, Syndicate Of L.A.W. released a ragga version of “Right on time” and it reached all european top 50 and Canadian. In 2008 : Key’band Magic System launched on the french market a new adaptation called “Zouglou Dance” (TOP 2 Sales) In 2013 : Nicky Romero drops the Kountdown in his set at WMC Ultra Main Stage More than 10 years after the solar eclipse, Summer 2013, Hardwell, N°1 Deejay in Dj mag Top 100 along with MAK J used the acapella in their worldwide smashing EDM hit “Countdown” released on Revealed. Now Syndicate of L.A.W. is back on Warner Music France / Play On with exclusive remixes of "Right on Time" revisited by Greg B and rebooted by Cecile brand new and fresh ragga performance, including the Holy digit Original Kountdown!!
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