Sylex (MQ)


Sylex means "flint" in French, an ancient material used to make fire. Since ten years, mixing is his game! He loves to challenge himself with unexpected transitions, new skool with old skool, there are no limits. He finds magic in synchronising beats and how that sweet harmony can move people. His style is a story, all music has a story, his target is playing each of every vibe until the party never stops. His roots are deep within Afro Caribbean music. As he traveled his music journey grew; in France he finally found what it is to DJ, to move people until they can’t feel their body!

In Amsterdam, UK And Berlin he discovered this Groovy House, Disco / Afro / Funk and deep and heavy Techno. Well he's always exploring. Digging is his duty!! Every day is a new chapter to find new waves and sync new frequencies. His sets are all totally live - this is where he finds his freedom; they are a journey between space and time, any cultures and times will be find on it. He loves to keep mistakes so you can feel the authenticity and truth of his flow. When he plays, he jumps, he screams and he dances… wherever you are… in your bedroom, at an after party, or getting the night started… He's here to join you!

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