Swooney (DE)

Sven M. or better known as "SWOONEY", was interested in early electronic music. At the age of 14 he was the beginning of the nineties, the first time in contact with electronic music and this has to thank his brother, who regularly techno house and trance mix tapes brought home with them. And so began the whole drama, he was fascinated by the art of DJing! After visiting the former Tarm Center and the performances by ATB was soon clear ... I want to do it. In 1998 he received his first chance to put his skills to the test and played regularly for the former garment companies in different COAST denne branches. Then more gigs followed at various events. More than 10 years dealing SWOONEY now with electronic music, and if man can say one thing to his own DJ set no matter what club are very deep, full pressure & impelling. Since early 2012 he has run his own radio show "SWOONEY EGO SHOW" on the Fresh.fm always the first 3 Wednesdays from 22 clock. So listen well worth it. SWOONEY previously played in Essen (NAKED / SOLID) Dortmund (NIGHT ROOMS / SUITE023 / zuHouse) Bochum (SAM's CLUB / APARTMENT45) Koblenz (PALACE) Dusseldorf (NIGHT RESIDENCE) Recklinghausen (1st CLASS LOUNGE / LIQUID LOUNGE) And gigs at the Punta Arabi Club in Ibiza, only a small further step forward. In 2000 SWOONEY then make their own events. These highly successful events for several years had housed the Koepi in Mülheim. Then man moved on to Recklinghausen. Then it was a bit quiet in the meantime and now wants SWOONEY forward. His sound is in DEEP / HOUSE / TECH HOUSE / PROGRESSIVE sound field .... Technically, he wants to be close to the audience and his motto is "Do not play for you but for the audience ... and it looks well made ... Inspiring masses here and there. His monthly PODCAST enjoy great popularity among young and old. Since 2012, he belongs to the cadre of Plastic Groove agency! He played for PLASTIC FUNKTASTIK events all over Germany.
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