Siebrand Dijkstra (NL)

Siebrand Dijkstra is the father and founder of AppMachine. AppMachine is setting new standards in the creation of professional apps. With AppMachine every artist and DJ can build apps without coding and design skills – quickly and in an affordable way. He is a serial-entrepreneur for more than 20 years, developing innovative software for the public market and founding several companies. Siebrand has a few DJ’s as a friend and discovered that building apps for DJ’s was too expensive. This is how he got the idea to build a content management system for apps. After working on this project for two years with 24 employees, the AppMachine is now available for you. Every artist can have his own professional app for less than $1000. Dijkstra has just been nominated as “CEO of the Year” by the Dutch magazine “Computable” and is nominated for the Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star Award.
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