Romario V (NL)

Born in Naarden in 1990 and nowadays lives in the city of Almere. His first gig was at a local DJ battle in Almere where he won first prize for his extraordinary mixing skills and his is choice of records. His first great gig was at Slippers Festival at the beach of Almere. With 2 CDJ-1000’s and DJM-800 he rocked the crowd with a massive performance of Latin House and Dirty House combined. After that he let his musical skills be heard at The President at Almere-Stad where he spinned with DJ’s like Remaniax and De La Funk. The owners of Infinity Festival noticed him right away and got him a gig at the main stage of Infinity Festival. This was a boost to the career of Romario. V After visiting Crazyland and 7th Heaven he performed a u-turn considering his style of music. The Dutch-House and Latin House sound he left behind to replace it with House, Progressive-House, Electro and Festival House. With this uplifting and up-tempo style of spinning he lit up the crowd at every party. Nowadays he is busy producing his own tracks and tunes to make the crowd go crazy! Stay tuned. A small list of his performances in Holland and Mexico: Slippers Festival Almere Strand Infinity Festival Almere Winnaar Baas van het plein landelijke DJ Battle. Free Festival Almere Mainstage Booming Sexy newyears vibe Crazyland wild wild west Orange Juizze´s With a Twist of Orange at Escape Amsterdam With a Twist of Orange Mexican summer tour Kings Night Festival Almere - Mainstage Opening 360e Venue Mexico Support act @ Orjan Nilsen @ 360e Venue Mexico Pleasure Island Official after party 2015 Mainstage Crazyland 15 jarig bestaan- Afsluiter op de Mainstage
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