Robin Ordell (GB)

London based artist Robin Ordell’s love of soulful grooves, dub and funk music stem back into a childhood influenced by the masters of funk and soul, finding themselves intertwined into what is now a deep love affair with house music. Growing up in Nice, France, Robin found himself in London in 2007 drawn deeper into the underground house techno scene. It was here that he began exercising his love for solid, bouncy house and he took to the decks and began playing. 2009 took a sharp turn for Ordell, playing at the infamous Fabric, TBar and Kubicle sparked a noticeable and deserved progression and confidence from this artist. It was around this time Half Baked was formed, now East London’s legendary underground Sunday party where Robin Ordell alongside Greg Brockmann and Hamid are residents. Half Baked has reached phenomenal success and Ordell has played alongside Seuil, Craig Richards, Lee Curtiss, Mayaan Nidam and Le Loup amongst others. On the production front things are rapidly happening for this young artist with upcoming releases on Remake Musique, Safari Numerique and Leftroom. Deep bassy breaks and warm loops flow through his dj’ing and productions, a unit of electronic rhythm with touches of minimal experimentation spread elegantly within his sound realm whilst remaining resolute in a signature of funk encased in a strong house message. Robin is currently working on solo projects and collaborations with some of electronic music’s most talked about upcoming producers and continues to play regularly around London and Europe.
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