Robbie van Doe (GB)

Discovers latest addition Robbie Van Doe has burst into the scene with his mind set on producing hard honest trance which packs a punch and he's certainly delivering. Robbie's unique style trance has supplied the biggest DJ's such as Armin Van Buuren, Indecent Noise, John Askew, Aly & Fila and plenty more high flyers with enough ammunition to fire at the crowds to keep the clubs raging. Robbie's future is looking bright and we have more to look forward to in the coming years. Heavily featured on two renowned, quality labels, Discover Records & Nu-depth, his releases have a certain trend embedded in them; Colossal energy, prodigious melodies and evil acid hooks; Three important factors of modern era Trance. With a consistent flow of releases, Robbie has maintained his standards, delivering tracks of a standard so high enough, that Discover simply cannot say no. Each release has surpassed the previous release and as a result, we can look forward to Robbie's debut release on Indecent Noise's fierce label Mental Asylum this year. You don't need to watch out for Robbie in the future. He's here now, he'll be here in the future and rest assured, he will continue to make his stamp.
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