Ray-D (NL)

A powerful intelligible voice, friendly appearance, but yet with a business attitude. That’s Raynel Dalen from Suriname, South America, more known as MC Ray-D. His love for music and entertainment is a big contribution to what he knows best; his job. With experience in showbizz for over fifteen years, Ray-D got his recognition for the hard work he has done until now. He now works for Suriname’s most popular radio station, Radio 10, which is well followed by artists in the Dutch music scene. Because he made a trademark with his voice, he’s been asked a lot to do voice overs and radio commercials. Although Ray-D is known as a radio personality since 2004, it was just five years after that, that he was asked to do his first gig as an MC at Suriname’s biggest new year’s party ‘Owru Yari Dyugu Dyugu’ organized by Lustig Events. After that he was also the hype man at big shows of artists like ‘Omarion’, ‘Sean Paul’, ‘Machel Montano’ and ‘Third World’. Ray-D thoroughly enjoys his work. “I always put full energy into my work. Big crowd or not, you won’t notice a difference. The energy and love towards my audience will always be there.” He is too passionate and committed to ever let his crowd down.-.
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