Ravene Voluz

Ravene Voluz (BR)

Picking up djing without grand aspirations during college, I was invited to play at Baturité in the city I was living, resulting in my first residency back in 2005, rapidly gained reputation and started to be booked all over the country. In 2007 I decided to follow the vibrations of my heart to Ibiza and made it my home for 5 years. Ibiza has been a great spot to be in my early years and remains there and yet a huge inspiration for me. All of so called “dance music schools” are met in one island and it certainly has a lot to add to the musical culture one can translate. Constant work and much dedication brought me to my first international residency back in 2008 of two parties at the world renown Amnesia Club. As a DJ past & present includes gigs at: Love Parade – Dortmund Germany / Kazantip Festival – Ukriane / Ultra Music Festival – Madrid /Amsterdam Dance Festival 2010 / D.edge – São Paulo / Club4 City Hall Barcelona / Kaballah Festival Itú / Green Valley – Balneário Camboriú / P12, Confraria das Artes, Second Floor, El divino – Florianópolis / Asi Beach – Peru Lima / La Haus – Bogotá Colombia / Cesar Palace – Lyon France / Lampara – Puglia Italy/ Red Zone Club Peruggia Italy and so many others. I believe Dance Music is Art and as an Artist I will always remain an student, there s always so much more to know , to grow and to explore.
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