Ramses Hoppa (NL)

DJ Ramses Hoppa has been DJ-ing for over 20 years now. Starting out as a Reggae DJ in Amsterdam in the late 80's he embraced the early Goa Trance scene in the mid-90's and travelled all over Europe with his recordbag and headphone. Bigger parties in Holland, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia he played untill settling down in 2000 for some years again in his hometown Amsterdam, where he played and organised parties at clubs like Silo, Trance Buddha, Mazzo, Vrieshuis, Melkweg and Paradiso, to name a few. During his trips to Eastern Europe he gathered a lot of the local music for his private collection, which he occasionally played on private parties, birthday parties and weddings. As this music always made the parties wild he decided to play this style, that's now being called Balkan Beat, in the clubs. Alongside not more than a handfull of DJ's in Holland he was one of the founders of this genre in the Netherlands. Under the names Hoppa!Collective, Hoppa!Selector and Ramses Hoppa he played at almost every stage and club in Holland, as well as parties and festivals abroad in cities as Berlin, Budapest, Antwerpen,Paris, Brussels, Vienna,Graz, Belfast, Bratislava, Warsaw, London, Skopje and Prague. Then a couple of years ago Ramses started to play Electro Swing which fits him like a glove and together with his partner Lapidem in Budapest he formed the DJ Duo "Most Wanted" (often sided by LAY DNA) where they play for full dancefloors almost every weekend. In Amsterdam he was one of the founders, together with Max Pashm, of Electro Swing Club Amsterdam and he played for Electro Swing Club London, Paris and Budapest so far. Last few years he has played at the bigger festivals of Europe like Sziget (Hungary), World Bodypainting Festival (Austria), Landjuweel (Holland) S.U.N. Festival (Hungary)and Glastonbury Festival (England)and many others. Ramses also makes and produces own music, often with his friend Thomas Walst, and makes mash-ups under the name "The Scorcher". Also he runs an internet label called DiSfish. This label focusses mainly on Dub and Reggae, though for experiments with other styles the label wouldn't go out of the way. Ramses Hoppa is host of Electro Swing Club Amsterdam and one of the founders of Circus Hoppa.
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