Rakka (BE)

“He’s the Frank Sinatra of the scene” (Walshy Fire /Major Lazer) Rakka is not only a mash-up DJ with too much energy, his life story is a mashup itself: born in Ghent (Belgium), growing up in Spain, having Russian bloods running through his veins and having a head that's aiming sky-high! All this combined with his Master Degree in Philosophy made him look differently to the world as well as to music. Excellent technique, versatile choice in music, jumping and running behind the decks, spreading his message through the mic and running with the crowd to every corner of the venue. That ladies & gentlemen... that is Rakka's Circus! A must-see to believe! Last year he let his monkeys on stage all over Belgium: Tomorrowland, Antilliaanse Feesten, Sfinks, Polé Polé, Maanrock, Feest in het Park, Studay & Elements. Even abroad Rakka managed to mashup stages in Germany (Basssport), Italy (Freschceria), Slovenia (Overjam), France (Route du Soleil & Snowbreak). The airwaves weren't safe as well, last summer he got featured on Belgium national radio Studio Brussels with 3 mix tapes! Furthermore he got his first remix released, 'Jamaica Love' by Busy Signal, thrown into the Rakka Mixer to become an uptempo banger!! Things are going hard for Rakka, so keep an eye on his circus!
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