Proxima (NL)

Proxima has been involved in music most his live. His first endeavors as a producer in Drum And Bass quickly got attention, leading to releases on labels such as Shogun Limited, Play:Musik, and Verse’s Crunch. Before long Proxima was well on his way. 2011 saw a change of direction for Proxima though, as Dubstep caught his eye. Signed from the get go by the mighty Tempa and getting massive support from DJ Youngsta, Proxima released a number of whopping tunes (“Formal Junction”, “Lie Detection”, “Trapped” etc.) and by the end of 2014 his debut album APLHA hit the stores. A very versatile piece of music, demonstrating just how far Proxima’s musical abilities reach. In 2015, once again, a shift took place in Proxima’s genre of preference. Getting the feeling for Drum and Bass back stronger than ever before made him up the tempo to 170 in the studio and he hasn’t looked back. His aim has been to merge the DnB environment with the space of Dubstep, and this original approach has been widely picked up. Just listen to “Point Of Focus” on Hospital Records, “Sens8” on Shogun Audio or “Crane” on Plasma Audio and you’ll realize what forward thinking sounds like. And it’s not his only means of pushing Drum and Bass forward. Proxima ‘techier’ tunes have gained a lot of support as well. This has led to releases on renowned labels such as Blackout Music and Neodigital. The latter, run by pioneers Phace and Misanthrop, recently released Proxima’s “Ruff Scuff” EP, a four tracker that made it into the top 5 of the Beatport charts. These releases have been the starting point of his Drum and Bass reentry, so beware of what’s to come next. Proxima continues to show what he can bring to the table, raising the bar with every release. He will be hitting hard, and he'll be hitting swift: he's one to watch.
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