Pha5e & Fürmit (NO)

Pha5e: Fredrik aka Dj Pha5e is a norwegian viking born in 1981. At the age of 10 he got into electronic music such as Kraftwerk, Alphaville, New Order to name a few. As time went by he started going to raves and in 2004 he got a couple of decks and a mixer.When gigs started flowing and he formed LOVEJUICE. With this he did a radioshow on Skranglebass. Furmit: Fürmit's been spinning records for over a decade, and has since his early days had a LARGE passion for electronic music. In 2011 he joined forces with his buddy, DJ Pha5e, and started a norwegian housemusic label called FLOSSHATT DIGITAL: http://flosshatt.com/ His style is inspired by everything from dirty disco, rave to muddy Detroit techno.
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