Musoé ()

The German dance scene has long been synonymous with techno to the point where it has become the global tastemaker for everything in that vein — especially the deeper and darker things. The worldwide demand for high quality techno has session heads scouring the web for the latest tracks from German labels because of the simple fact that the standards for releases in that country are set inordinately high; they have a reputation to maintain, after all. Two of the hardest working individuals in the scene are a couple dudes who you might know as Mark Deutsche & Musoé. If you don't recognize the name, you might recognize their work; you have probably heard their tracks in sets by Richie Hawtin, Dennis Ferrer, and Pete Tong amongst countless others. In between pumping out tunes that shoot up the beatport charts, they keep themselves busy with their work behind the scenes. Mark works in the studio for Timo Maas, giving the legend some fresh vibes, crispy sound design, and fluid writing, while Turgay spends his time developing the German territory for techno artists like the Matt Sassari.
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