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Auxs was born on october 27, 1983 in Rotterdam, where she grew up with her mother and her two sisters. From a very early age Auxs knew that she wanted to throw herself into the world of entertainment. In July 2000, Auxs was 15, she decided to register with an event called Zapcity. Initially it was just for fun. But there she found herself lucky enough to be on stage with several multi-talented artists and big MC’s. She met rapper Siko in 2001, they had a click right away. And soon after they had decided to work together as Sike-D-Dwess. Together they performed at many venues. And took the stage as the opening act for Postmen, played at the Jamsession Winstond Kingdom Hotel and the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Unfortunately they grew apart and split up in 2002. In 2003 Auxs gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Music had to take a second place for a while. However, the ambition and the passion for the music had never gone. As Auxs kept on writing music. G-Dubb crossed her path in 2007. As a producer he was working solo. But soon after they recorded a lot of tracks together. And up till now they are still vworking on new material. And she is still very busy with her first album which will be released shortly. During 2010 Auxs has put her focus on working as an MC throughout the country. And a year later in 2011 Auxs and Ruben decided to make music together. At an open stage in the theater Zuidplein she made it to the finals together with Ruben and their band. She won the first prize, and made their mark in jazzland. Auxs has been given the opportunity by students of Inholland to record her single. She chose to work with the right musicians to make a terrific sound of her song The Skyline is blue… She made that song together with the EQ's and they also made a video clip from the song Like to chillz... Now 2013 she rock the stage as MC with dj's like: Genairo Nvilla, Mr Chinky Eye, Marchello Garcia, Pra Po Rovero, Kenny Large, Mr Post, Ben Fresh, Biggi, Cincity's Yazz, Steve Roc, Manu Tavares, Bengu, Roger Punario and many more,.. She's one of the members from Totally and with her crew she's representing a new concept.. Next to MC/ hosting, Auxs also sings jazzyflow music with artist like Cecil Monyano, Kevin Bout, Bijou Esajas, Ron Le Bass, M-Key, EQ, Kiki Gomes and many more. Together with Melkkleuren she made a video clip for her song Dreaming. You can find that song on Soundcloud and Youtube. Right now she's busy with her album that she is making with WE-CRE8 Productions, Kevin Xander, Gdubb Chellios. It's time that Auxs finally record her own album. This album is gonna repentant who she is and not what people what her to be.. Stay tuned!! One love, more to give!!
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