Maj Ulbrand

Maj Ulbrand (NL)

Maj Ulbrand was born in, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and at the age of 15 she started her career as a professional model. After winning a modelling contest she started doing shoots, commercials and catwalk shows for the greatest designers. Maj travelled the world around and during her modelling she discovered the art of her passion for (Dance) music and eventually led her become a singer – songwriter and a DJ nowadays! ‘I love to share my passion for music with people wherever i am, whether i’m on stage or in the studio! It’s all about the love for music and entertaining people’. In a short period, Maj has played for many high end and exclusive dance events and played with ROOG, Ruud de Wild and many more. SOUND The sounds of Maj can be best described as energetic grooves with her own vocals. She likes to play Tech & House music, but that depends on the location, the crowd and the atmosphere. Most important for Maj, is to leave a venue/club with a great and satisfied feeling, entertaining a lot of great party people!
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