Le Romph

Le Romph (NL)

le romph, to his friends/relatives/some strangers also known as Wouter de Romph, is a Rotterdam born-and-raised (still) youngster that is always trying to surprise by combining a wide range of sounds, indifferent to time and/or geographic location, and making undanceable tracks danceable. After learning to play the flute at the age of 6, le romph knew that music would be his main occupation in life. Having spent the majority of his lifetime in the 21st century, combined with a wide ranging musical education, he has fallen victim of the contemporary cultural (i.e. musical) omnivorism. This is clearly reflected in any le romph mix that you will ever hear. Proto-techno? Check. Oriental synth experiments? Included. Exotic leftfield boogie? Got it. Industrial balearics? It’s there. Therefore, our advice for anytime you will hear the guy play: don’t expect; plunge in!
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