Contrary to popular belief, Casimir’s artist name has no ties to the California based Christian Radio Station, but is an acronym for ''Katakomv.Related.Transcifix.Mutations'' KRTM first experiences making music, were the same as for many of us growing up - Those first dreams of musical stardom as a young Casimir constructed his own home made drum kit, made from buckets, pots and pans, and makeshift drumsticks. After this, KRTM followed piano lessons at the age of 8, which no doubt gave him a good basic musical knowledge with which to launch his audial attack on the public. Apart from making music, Casimir studies free arts at Sint Lucas in Gent, and spents a lot of his free time making wood cuts and drawing,. He is also a fan of all forms of visual arts, highlighting exactly how important art forms are to this young man. This is confirmed later when asked what the most important thing in life is, he simply replied by saying: ''Keeping the right balance between music and visual arts, maybe they come together in the future''. He started producing electronic music after leaving a black metal band at the age of 17, and as a result started producing electronic music every day and night. He felt he needed to search for a genre which reflected his drive and need for adrenaline, and as a result found that hardcore complimented this perfectly. Having started out playing a style of Frenchcore, to achieve the ''clean sound'' he had been searching for. But this didn't last, because Casimir saw this as an overrated genre with little possibility for personal improvement. And so his musical style took another step down the road of evolution, to culminate in what can only be described as Pounding Industrial Hardcore bordering with Uptempo terror. When asked how he feels about the Belgian hardcore scene in relation to surrounding countries, he states that it has several really big talents, and the scene is continually growing, but still personally loves the hardcore scene in the Netherlands and the emotion that goes with it. Although he did feel the need to comment on the German Hardcore scene, saying that it has a loud and disturbing sound, unrivalled by most. A short list of KRTM’s influences show clear signs of a passion for the harder side of hardcore. Tymon, Negative A, Stormtrooper, Noisekick, Matt Green, Synapse, Detest, Tripped and Tieum are but a few, but as KRTM stated: ''I’m really influenced by a lot of artists that gave me the right feeling to start shaking my balls.'' At such a young age, KRTM has already played across the whole of Belgium, with world-renowned acts, such as Akira, Mental Wreckage, The Outside Agency, Sei2ure, the Sickest Squad, Radium, Dj Producer, Pattern J, Rotator, Detest, Bartoch, Trypod, Tripped, DCYBL, Roms, to name but a few. With so much already achieved by the young musician, it begs the question what is left to be done? Well, KRTM certainly isn't resting on his laurels. He fully intends to collaborate with more established artists in the years to come. He also has aspirations to become an international artist and says that he is very curious about crowds in other countries across Europe and further a field. As a result he is adamant that his number 1 goal over the next 5 to 10 years is making it as an international artist. When asked what hardware he uses at home, he played down his equipment stating that he doesnt have enough of it to represent a studio, but says that it does resemble a fine workstation. KRTM uses LogicPro, Garageband Sequencers, KRK Rokit 6 Monitors, M-Audio keyrig 25, TASCAM us-122l and Stanton SMX-301. He comments that the majority is really cheap stuff, and goes on to discuss his viewpoint that equipment really doesn't have to be expensive. He also went on to discuss the fact that he plays his music back through a plethora or different types of speakers and headphones and televisions to ensure that his music is at its paramount regardless of the hardware used to play it back. An interesting blend of influences, backed by a serious drive towards an original definition of perfection. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear the work of this producer, keep an eye out for upcoming sets near you.
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