Ian Green (SI)

When it comes to dedication to electronic music and scene, one must think of Ian Green. He compensates his youth with hard work and talent and he bursts with ideas of various electronic music projects. It all began in early 2010, when he and his friends launched Chakra collective, a music label under which his first signed EP, Self Controlled, found its way to various digital distributions. The year that followed was all about Black Absynth project, where Ian and Gregor Striker steped together and as a result, first worth mentioning bookings appeared in Maribor`s Udarnik and Ljubljana`s F-club venues. He spent next era of his career dedicating more time to solo appearances and music production and some interesting releases came up as a result. All of this was a strong foundation for his next, Think Green project, which is a platform for showcasing young talents, a podcast and an event brand under which he, among other events, produced a charity event in famous K4 club in Ljubljana. It didn`t take long for Ian to get noticed in the regional clubbing scene. 2013 is the year when Ian collected some major international bookings, including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and even at famous Waves Vienna, an Austrian festival, where he appeared next to Nathan Fake in Fluc club. Sound Advisor is a project that, besides regular national bookings, kept Ian busy in 2014. In the end of that year, GRILL, an interactive radio show that is being broadcasted every 2 weeks on Radio Terminal, was aired for the first time. But one of the most productive years for Ian so far, is 2015. He becomes one of the key players in emerging underground club of Ljubljana, Plac 33/45, where he helps running the programe, he re-launches his Think Green events series, he battles among top 5 Slovenian DJs and climbs to the next round at famous Burn residency 2015 DJ contest and he joins Etia Creations, an electronic music label, nights and artist booking agency, where he finds professional background for his career and portfolio. Ian in person is an honest guy, whose mission is to spread sincerity, since thats how he is towards others and expects others to be like towards him. And when it comes to music, he lives by his moto “In music is power, if in music is love”!
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