Dennis Ramoon (NL)

["Being a dj and producer from The Netherlands, describing his sound as groovy and infectious, Dennis Ramoon developed rather quick in both areas. With an open vision and not believing in boundaries, he works with passion and determination on his list of releases. His love for groovy and infectious beats establishes the foundation of his productions and dj sets.\n\nBorn in Hoorn, The Netherlands in 1983, Dennis grew up in an era where hip-hop and house music where just making there debut in the world. Inspired by styles such as acid, drum \u2018n\u2019 bass and jungle and listening to artists like The Prodigy, his love for beats was learned at a young age. Next to house-oriented music, Dennis was a big fan of underground rap music. Where his peers followed the mainstream music and chewed whatever MTV would feed them, he would spend his days in record stores looking for those diamonds nobody had ever heard of. Until this day, Dennis is still swimming upstream and taking a gamble. Instead of following the herd he stays with his true self and keeps developing his own unique style. With such a passion for music it\u2019s no surprise Dennis found his way into the studio and started making his own tracks.\n\nEver since his first release in 2010, the list of releases is expanding rapidly. With releases on Nervous Records, Hed Kandi","Ministry Of Sound, Misitique Digital and many other labels, and continued support from the likes of Erik Morillo, Markuz Schultz, David Herrero and Stefano Noferini just to name a few, it is safe to say he\u2019s put his mark on the international dance scene. In 2011 his remix for Nino Bua\u2019s \u2018\u2019Back to the Underground\u2019\u2019 gets massive attention worldwide. It appears in numerous podcasts from leading names in the scene and eventually makes an appearance on \u2018\u2019Hed Kandi World Series Barcelona Compilation\u2019\u2019. \u2018\u2019We Come Together\u2019\u2019, released early 2012 on Dance Lab Recordings, hits several charts in a matter of days. \u2018\u2019Tribal in NY\u2019\u2019 gets featured on one of Nervous Records sampler cd\u2019s. After these successes in the past, the future is looking bright as well. In 2012 Dennis gets noticed by the legendary Nervous Records, and gets signed with this major label. Giving his career a significant boost. With a lethal dose of sub grooves and heavy drums, he drops \u2018\u2019Kill the Messenger\u2019\u2019 EP as first release on the New York City based record label.\n\nStanding at the foundation of a new concept, Dennis gains ground rapidly as a dj with his infectious sound. He takes the event to the next level with his energetic appearance. Within a year it\u2019s the most talked about and notorious events in the area. In 2010 Dennis participates in a dj contest in Amsterdam. His at that time, unknown sound earns the crowds approval and he walks away with first price. In 2011 Dennis joins the Dutch radio station \"XT3\". On top of this all he drops live mixes for several radio stations. Although nothing is sure for the future, one thing is certain, this is just the beginning for Dennis Ramoon."]
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